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Marketing Tools

I use the services of the following companies in my own marketing and recommend them to my clients. Please note that I may receive referral fees when you use the links on this page. This will not affect the amount that you pay for these services.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is far and away the best bang for your marketing buck.  It will keep you top of mind with your current and prospective customers and clients, establish you as an expert, and inform your readers of special promotions or events–and starting at only $20 a month, what’s not to like?

Sign up for a free trial here!


Hosting with HostGator

HostGator has become the preferred choice for many small business because of their superior customer service and their low pricing.  Register your domain name and sign up for HostGator hosting here.  

ThemeForest WordPress Themes

Your WordPress website requires that you use a theme.  This is what dictates the design and formatting of your site.  While there are free themes, they are often limited in colors, fonts, layouts, etc.  Themes are a one-time only purchase and range up to $80. I like the most popular theme, Avada, because with nearly 100,000 users, it is well supported and well documented.   Get a WordPress theme through the Envato Marketplace on ThemeForest. 


Dropbox is a free service that allows you to share large files with others.  You can also set your WordPress website to back up periodically to your Dropbox account in case anything goes wrong.
Get a free Dropbox account here.