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Mind on Marketing Support Groups

Seeking People Who are Serious About Building their Businesses!

confused womanYou’ve read the books, you’ve listened to the speakers, and maybe even signed up with one one of those Internet business coaches. And it might have worked–to a point. But if you’re like many of my clients, there’s still something holding you back. The truth is-you hate marketing!

MindonMarketing-Cover-LIYou’re not alone. There are legitimate reasons marketing is hard for you, and that’s why I’ve written a book about this common problem. The Mind on Marketing Support Groups are based on the book, and each participant will receive a copy as part of the tuition.

We’ll be going through the book chapter by chapter. Each section deals with psychological blocks and barriers we face when promoting ourselves. It’s chock full of practical tools and tips you can use right away. It’s written in a book / workbook format that’s easy-to-follow, interactive, and even fun. I guarantee this book will build your marketing self-confidence and change your mind about marketing forever!     Buy the book on Amazon. 

This class is open to just ten people who are serious about building their businesses.

“I looked forward to every class! The camaraderie, the feedback and the accountability were great. If marketing intimidates you, you need this group!” Sarah Morgan, Sarah Morgan Photography

This class is designed to be completed in two five-week sessions so that you have plenty of time to focus on your marketing and complete your marketing plan.  Please plan on enrolling for both sessions for greatest benefit.


Are you interested? Call me at 760.436.8848 or email me.  Together we’ll decide if this group is right for you!

Times/Date/Location – TBA

About the Book

Your Mind on Marketing: Self-Help for People Who Hate Marketing But Have to Do it Anyway
Buy it on Amazon

Chapter 1: Changing Your Marketing Mindset: Challenging Old Beliefs and Attitudes about Sales

Chapter 2: Things that Go Bump in the Night: Pushing Past the Fear of Marketing

Chapter 3: How Much Money is it OK to Make? Reframing Limiting Beliefs about Money and Worth

Chapter 4: Targeting Your Market: Finding and Winning Over Your Ideal Client/Customer

Chapter 5: You’re Different–and That’s a Good Thing: Using Uniqueness to Your Advantage

Chapter 6: Your Elevator Speech: The Most Important Paragraph You’ll Ever Write

Chapter 7: Taming Your Inner Critic: Transforming Marketing Enemy #1

Chapter 8: Getting Comfortable with Risk: Success Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

Chapter 9: Your Best Investment: You! Showing the World You’re Serious

Chapter 10: Your Marketing Plan in Six Steps