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Your Mind on Marketing

Self Help for People Who Hate Marketing But Have to Do It Anyway

MindonMarketingCover1If you’re an entrepreneur who’s ever said to yourself, “I don’t like marketing,” or “I hate putting myself out there,” this book is dedicated to you! There are lots of marketing books that give you all kinds of great advice about things you should be doing to promote yourself. These books are mostly tactical in nature and tell you what to do.

Chances are you’ve read some of these, and maybe even attended a pricey marketing seminar or two as well. Perhaps, like many people, you’re intimidated by the whole idea of marketing. Or maybe you don’t even know where to start.

Here’s the missing piece. Before you can implement the strategies and ideas that will make you successful, you have to address a fundamental challenge: Pushing past any old fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back from marketing yourself.


Changing Your Marketing Mindset
Challenging Old Beliefs and Attitudes about Sales

Things That Go Bump in the Night
Pushing Past the Fear of Marketing

How Much Money Is It OK to Make?
Reframing Limiting Beliefs about Money and Worth

Targeting your Market
Finding and Winning Over Your Ideal Client/Customer

You’re Different—and That’s a Good Thing!
Using Uniqueness to Your Advantage

Your Elevator Speech
The Most Important Paragraph You’ll Ever Write

Taming Your Inner Critic
Transforming Marketing Enemy #1

Getting Comfortable with Risk
Success Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

Your Best Investment—You!
Showing the World You’re Serious

Your Marketing Plan in Six Steps

This book will hold your hand and give you the confidence you need to successfully market yourself and your business!

Your Mind on Marketing – 179 pages of great marketing help.

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