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Book Coaching and Help for Non-Fiction Authors

Have you felt the urge to write a book for a long time? Maybe you got started, then life got in the way, and you stalled out.  You’re not alone. Whether you haven’t written a single paragraph or you have a complete first draft, I can get you to the finish line!

I specialize in non-fiction books by first-time authors, and I have a complete process that will take you from where you are now to holding your published book in your hands–and we’ll even create an eBook of your workJust imagine how great that would feel!

Book Coaching

Many of my clients tell me that without regular coaching and accountability, they would have never been able to finish their books.  Together we’ll create an action plan with a doable schedule of milestones. There are many steps to the process, but I won’t overwhelm you with all the details.

First we’ll talk about your reasons for wanting to write a book. Making sure you have clarity from the start will ensure that you stay on track. I’ll help you with your outline and basic format. We’ll focus on one thing at a time as I give you feedback on your writing and offer ideas that will make your book stand out.


As a former English teacher and college professor with 20+ years of professional experience
in corporate and magazine copywriting and editing, I can smooth out your wording, point out places where things might need clarifying, and make sure things all hang together.  The most important tip for all writers is to remember your audience. Who will be reading your book?  Ultimately, you’re writing for them, not for you!

Layout and Cover Design

When you’re ready, I have associates who provide affordable layout and cover design.  I’ll walk you through all the decisions, helping you make good choices about formatting, images, etc.

The Art of Self-Publishing

Unless you’re already a well-known personality with book publishing contacts, you’re probably going to publish your book yourself.   You’ll need everything from an ISBN number to a bar code, not to mention a print-on-demand printer.   Let me streamline all of this for you, saving you time and money.


Have a message to get out, but not up to writing it?  Have ideas but can’t seem to get them down?  Let’s talk. I offer discreet ghostwriting services for discriminating clients.

Close your eyes and imagine holding that beautiful finished book in your hands–then call me at 760.402.8848 or email me to discuss how we might work together!